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Name:Adelaide Alcott

What do you grow up to be when your father is a crime boss and your mother runs a brothel? Why an assassin, of course.

Adelaide hadn't planned from the beginning to live a life of crime but it seemed she couldn't escape the calling of her DNA. It had started with a small favor to her parents, then another, and another. Before she knew it she was standing over a dead body with specks of blood staining her clothing and a gun in her hand. Adelaide knew then that her dreams of a quiet life were over, but that thought didn't disturb her nearly as much as it should have. After another job she found that she quite liked her new profession.

Nearly ten years later and she's still going.

[Adelaide is an original character and belongs to me. Natalie Dormer belongs to herself. This journal is for roleplaying purposes only. Mun and muse are 21+]
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